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Alternative Treatment for Autoimmune Disease

Sunridge Medical treats autoimmune disease with medical protocols that address both the patient’s symptoms and the underlying cause of the disease. Through specialized testing we can identify chronic infections and environmental toxins that are known to both cause and promote autoimmune diseases.  Over 24 million Americans suffer with autoimmune disorders according to the National Institute of Health.

Patients with Autoimmune Diseases Who Follow our Protocols Typically See Improvement in:

  • Pain
  • Inflammatory Markers
  • Mobility
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Fatigue

Understanding Autoimmune Disease

The immune system is a complex network of cells, cell messenger systems, and cell components that normally work to defend the body and eliminate infections caused by bacteria, viruses and other invading microbes. Normally, the immune system is capable of differentiating “self” tissue from “non-self” tissue. However, if an individual has an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakenly attacks the “self” on a large scale, targeting the cells, tissues and organs of the individual’s own body.

Many different autoimmune diseases exist, each affecting the body in different ways. For example, in multiple sclerosis, the autoimmune reaction is directed against the brain, while in Crohn’s disease it’s the large intestine. Although many of the individual autoimmune diseases are rare, as a group they afflict millions of Americans. Most autoimmune diseases tend to strike women more often than men, and they particularly affect working-age women as well as women during their childbearing years.

Causes of Autoimmune Disease

There is no single cause or single risk factor for developing an autoimmune disease yet there is a body of research that has linked autoimmune diseases to a combination of:

  • Exposures to environmental toxins
  • Chronic Infections
  • Genetics

Preventing Autoimmune Disease

Managing chronic infections, including Lyme disease, and its co-infections along with limiting environmental toxins, like heavy metal mercury, may decrease your risk of developing autoimmune conditions. Also, people who eat more fruits and vegetables, high-fiber foods, fish, and omega-3 rich oils (sometimes known as the Mediterranean diet) and eat less red meat and dairy may have some protection against autoimmune diseases.

Genetics and Autoimmune Disease

Genetics are part of all autoimmune diseases and account for almost half of the picture. Genetics can predispose a person to a certain autoimmune disease yet something in the environment modifies those genes to cause or potentiate the problem.

Genes associated with autoimmune diseases pass on the opportunity for autoimmunity not the autoimmune disease itself. For example, one family member may have lupus and another may suffer with rheumatoid arthritis.

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