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Why Choose An Alternative Brain Cancer Treatment?

You Have Other Options!

With conventional therapies, patients with brain cancer are often left with very little hope for a successful and “back to normal” recovery. Because most brain cancers are aggressive and accompanied by a poor prognosis most individuals feel hopeless, and even give up. But the truth is, you DO have options!

At Sunridge, we approach brain cancer with aggressive treatments that increase the natural response of the body’s immune system to fight the cancer and tumors, while crossing the blood-brain barrier. Continued studies and new evidence show that targeting cancer with tumor-specific antigens may just be the most effective way to treat cancer without toxicity. These types of therapies, introduced systemically into the body, successfully localize to the cancerous tumors in the central nervous system, inducing the good cells or (T-Cells) to destroy the cancer without side effects or damage to the surrounding tissue.

Successful Alternative Brain Cancer Treatment

Here from a patient of Sunridge Medical as she describes her illness, prognosis and treatment. Jill tells how she was given only 3 months to live because of an astrocytoma. Doctors in Canada recommended brain surgery to remove her tumor. She instead chose alternative medicine to put her astrocytoma into remission.


Standard medical protocol for treating brain cancer is usually brain surgery, and radiation followed by chemotherapy. What studies are showing is that sometimes these treatments are responsible for permanent cognitive impairment with very little affect on the brain tumors themselves. Using PET/CT scans in the latest studies, researchers were able to assess changes to the brain’s metabolism after chemotherapy, providing more evidence that the phenomenon was linked to treatment.

The risks of undergoing surgery may also result in more severe cognitive impairment. Often doctors are unable to tell patients how much impairment will occur after surgery, presenting yet another reason individuals choose alternative treatments for fighting brain cancer.

What Is Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer carries a wide variety of symptoms and consists of abnormal cell growth in the brain. Not all growths and brain tumors are cancerous, yet benign tumors can have similar symptoms. A benign tumor does not spread aggressively like a cancerous tumor does and is considered less serious than a cancerous tumor. Still, benign tumors can cause problems depending on their location within the body and especially in areas delicate and intricate such as the brain.

Symptoms of brain cancer or a brain tumor include behavioral changes, confusion, sleeplessness and seizures. The symptoms of primary and metastatic brain cancers are similar and a tumor pressing on or interfering on other parts of the brain can keep you from functioning normally.

The following symptoms are most common:

  • Weakness
  • Clumsiness
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Seizures

Other nonspecific symptoms and signs include the following:

  • Altered mental status — changes in concentration, alertness, attention, or memory
  • Vomiting, Nausea, — particularly early in the morning
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Abnormalities in vision
  • Gradual changes in intellectual or emotional capacity

See your health care provider right away if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Unexplained, persistent vomiting
  • Unexplained blurring of vision, especially one side
  • Lethargy or increased sleepiness
  • Seizures
  • New type of headaches

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How can Sunridge Medical help?

At Sunridge Medical, our highly-trained physicians are experts in providing an integrated approach to the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. Our treatment plans are individualized and involve both traditional and alternative medicines. The physicians at Sunridge Medical have found that symptoms frequently can be improved and even reversed with our natural treatments. We take a holistic approach to patient care and strive not only treat the disease, but also alleviate symptoms, increase quality of life and, most importantly, address the underlying cause of disease.

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