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Breast Cysts

A breast cyst is a hard lump in the breast tissue. Cysts are usually round in shape and are formed when a lobule or the part of the breast that produces milk, fills with fluid. Breast cysts are most common among women over the age of 35 premenopausal. However, women are affected more often they approach menopause. Cysts usually cease after a woman is menopausal. The cause of breast cysts is unknown, however the levels of female reproductive hormones appears to influence the development of cysts. Young women, premenopausal women, and women on estrogen replacement therapy, are more susceptible to breast cysts.

Symptoms of Breast Cysts

Cysts are fluid-filled pockets ranging in size. They are hard and round pockets and move easily when touched. Breast pain may be an additional symptom of breast cysts.

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