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Cardiomyopathy is an autoimmune disease affecting the heart muscle. The disease diminishes the heart’s ability to pump blood and, eventually, leads to heart failure. There are three types of cardiomyopathy: dilatative and hypertrophic, and restrictive, with the dilatative form being the most common and having an autoimmune origin. In the United States alone, 3 million people are currently living with cardiomyopathy, and another 400,000 are diagnosed each year.

How Does Cardiomopathy Develop?

A healthy heart muscle is vital for the heart to pump blood through the body effectively. In dilated cardiomyopathy, the muscle becomes damaged. The weakened muscle then stretches, making the heart larger. This reduces the hearts pumping action, leading to chronic heart failure. Many experts believe that the damage is caused by an abnormal bodily reaction in which the immune system produces antibodies that attack the heart muscle. Some research suggests that the disease could be caused by alcohol abuse or a viral illness.

What Are the Symptoms of Cardiomopathy?

In many cases of mild dilated cardiomopathy there are no symptoms. If symptoms do occur, they usually develop gradually over a number of years and may include fatigue, shortness of breath during exertion, heart palpitations, pulse irregularity and ankle swelling. As the disorder progresses, the heart’s pumping efficiency decreases, causing worsening symptoms, such as shortness of breath at rest. The heart enlargement may stretch the valves, causing them to become leaky, leading to chronic heart failure.

Conventional medical treatments may help relieve the symptoms of cardiomyopathy but they do not address the root of the problem. Generally, by undergoing comprehensive natural medicine testing, the reasons the body is producing antibodies against itself can be found. Some of these reasons include sensitivities or allergies to foods, inhalants and chemicals and various infections.

At Sunridge Medical, our highly-trained physicians are experts in providing an integrated approach to the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. Our treatment plans are individualized, and involve both traditional and alternative medicines.

The physicians at Sunridge Medical have found that symptoms frequently can be improved and even reversed with our natural treatments. We take a holistic approach to patient care and strive not only treat the disease, but also alleviate symptoms, increase quality of life and, most importantly, address the underlying cause of disease.

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