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Please read the Sunridge Medical Disclosure Disclaimer in its entirety.  We have provided all information on our website for educational purposes so that those diagnosed with cancer and other chronic diseases can learn more about their condition. Medical information obtained from our website is not intended as a substitute for professional care and should not be considered as such. If you have or suspect you have a health issue, you should consult a healthcare provider before making adjustments to your healthcare, lifestyle, and/or diet. Also, do not remove yourself from any of your prescribed medications or treatments without consulting your own physician. Do not disregard, delay or avoid obtaining medical advice from a physician because of any information that you have read on this website.

All dietary supplements or nutritional products mentioned on this site are not FDA-approved and are not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease condition.As with all medical treatments, treatment responses can vary from patient to patient, even if the diagnosis is similar.For answers to your questions or to make an appointment, call us toll-free TODAY at 800-923-7878 to speak with a Patient Care Representative. Let us help you get your life back.

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