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Comprehensive Neurologic Conditions Treatment

Neurological conditions are among the most debilitating of all health maladies, affecting people at any age. Neurological diseases can impact movement, sensation, behavior and cognition. Neurological conditions include degenerative brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, headaches, many forms of dementia, neurogenic pain caused by damage to the nervous system, reading disorders such as dyslexia and other learning disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Many patients wonder what is the most common neurological disorder, and it is the epidemic of dementia.  Sunridge Medical has breakthrough treatment for neurologic conditions and alternative treatment breakthroughs.  

Neurological System Failure

Brain trauma, spinal cord injury, stroke, narcolepsy and neurobiological sleep disorders along with mental disorders such as schizophrenia are also neurological conditions. Some disorders that involve muscle weakness, enhanced pain response (hyperalgesia), lack of muscle coordination resulting in slurred speech or difficulty with movement as well as nerve damage caused by medication or chemotherapy are neurological conditions that alternative medicine can address and alleviate. These disorders are often misdiagnosed by other physicians or ignored as “in the patient’s imagination.”

The Origin of Neurologic Conditions

Neurological diseases may cause severe damage if left untreated. The world’s leading cause of disability is neurologic, with stroke being the third leading cause of death.
The nervous system is a complex network of cells and tissues that carry messages between the brain and the rest of the body. The voluntary nervous system controls the muscles that we use to move, while the involuntary nervous system controls all other muscles in the body, as well as organs such as the heart and stomach.
Root causes of neurological conditions are varied and complex. However, discovering the origin of a disease is critical to finding a remedy and bringing relief. It can be extremely difficult for patients to manage neuro conditions when symptoms are constant and chronic. At Sunridge we offer treatments that address the source of the neurological condition, preventing additional disease that may take root as well as providing alleviation of symptoms from the current neurological disease.
Neurological Conditions Sunridge Medical

Natural Medicine and Neurologic Conditions

neurologic conditions treated at Sunridge MedicalNatural and alternative medicine works well for neurological conditions because so much can go wrong that affects the nerve cells. For example, you may lack enzymes that allow your body to metabolize or norepinephrine which then keeps you in a constant state of fight or flight. If it isn’t working properly, then norepinephrine levels become excessive, and you are not able to return to the parasympathetic state or a state of rest. This neuro condition can effect breathing, digestion, circulation, heart rate, and blood pressure, yet most physicians will not begin looking for a problem in your brain when you suffer from these symptoms.

At Sunridge our physicians are trained to look at the body from a holistic perspective and find the source of your body’s malfunction. We do not look for the obvious or pass you from one specialist to the next who never quite solve the issue. We also do not just throw medication at you that does not solve your disease. We approach your health holistically to understand all the factors that have lead to your disease and your body’s own ability to contribute to your healing.
Here is another example of a neurological condition that is not obvious from the outset. Again, with enzymes but in this case, you are deficient in the cytochrome P-450 enzyme which aids inbreaking down of chemicals you encounter so they can be excreted in your urine and feces. This deficiency can impair your ability to detoxify adequately and make you vulnerable to conditions like multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue or other degenerative health disorders.
The difference in our physical constitution explains why you may respond quicker to a treatment than I do and why having multiple treatments available is important to ensure a holistic approach to medicine. Also, this distinction highlights a very important factor in all disease which is that causation is multi-faceted; there is rarely one trigger for illness.

Vitamin and Nutritional Deficits in the Brain

Low Vitamin D levels are a known cause of many diseases but specifically related to the nervous system they contribute to multiple sclerosis along with other autoimmune disorders.  Supplementation of intravenous Vitamin D can positively impact disease and its symptoms.

Amino acids are amazingly important to the brain and we can sometimes lack these in our food intake especially if we avoid meat. At Sunridge we utilize amino acids combined with vitamins and nutrients to flood the brain, restoring neurotransmitters, manufacturing new neurotransmitters and receptors and to promote healing of the damaged areas of the brain.

References on Neurologic Conditions

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