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Healing Cancer Naturally With Alternative Medicine

Alternative Cancer Care Options

At Sunridge Medical, we offer expert treatment for all types of cancer. Our comprehensive services include diagnostics, treatment, and support to help you throughout your cancer journey.

We have been doing this for 20 years and we have effective treatments other clinics do not have. 

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or seeking a second opinion, our team of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals can provide personalized care tailored to your unique needs. 

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Alternative Cancer Care Options

Sunridge Medical offers alternative cancer treatments, including naturopathic cancer medicine, holistic cancer therapies and options for integrative cancer treatment. Science and technology have advanced to the point that we design and formulate treatment plans for each patient based on the cancer tumor, its progress and other disease vulnerabilities.  

Sunridge Medical has an onsite Specialty Pharmacy and Compounding Pharmacy which allows our medical team time to personalize and optimize all treatments for the specific needs of the patient.  Below are a sampling of cancer treatments that does not represent trademarked and registered pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and compounds available for the eradication of cancer cells.    

Our experience in the field of cancer eradication along with access to all the latest treatment modalities means Sunridge Medical offers patients the very best in alternative cancer care. 

Treatment Protocol Timing, Including Stage 4 Cancer

At Sunridge Medical our cancer protocols can be administered at any stage of a cancer diagnosis including Stage 4, when cancer has  progressed and metastasized.  Alternative cancer treatment protocols can run 1) as a first and primary treatment immediately following diagnosis. 2) Concurrently and alongside conventional cancer treatments, 3) following the completion of conventional therapies and 4) as the primary treatment option when conventional treatments are no longer and option.   

Below is a list of conventional cancer treatments  that our treatments can work alongside. 

Choosing Alternative Cancer Care

Cancer Care Treatment available at Sunridge MedicalPatients choose alternative cancer treatment for several reasons. Some are familiar with the successful outcomes many experience with alternative medicine. Others want to avoid the toxic and caustic side effects of chemo treatment. With so much at stake in a cancer diagnosis, there is no better team than Sunridge Medical. We use our extensive knowledge of oncology; natural, and alternative medicine to create a successful treatment plan and get the patient back to healthy.

Naturopathic Oncology

Naturopathic oncology practiced at Sunridge Medical is an integrative part of the Standard of Care for Cancer Care treatment. The best of all medical approaches from traditional to naturopathic care are used to bring a patient the highest level of success in their cancer treatment. Our emphasis of care is placed on the body’s ability to heal itself. Naturopathic oncology is a well-rounded practice of using all the medical modalities from western to eastern medicine and then combine the best of integrative cancer medicine, conventional approaches, holistic therapy, and naturopathic care allied for the greatest success.

Alternative Oncology Treatments - Designed for Each Patient

With almost 20 years of oncology research, testing, and cancer treatment experience, we tailor a comprehensive treatment plan for the specific needs and dictates of our patient’s disease. What makes this approach different is that conventional oncologists follow a formula based on a one-size-fits-all practice that is considered the standard in conventional medicine

At Sunridge, we recognize that no two people have the same cancer, so we use the latest oncology research to design a personalized treatment plan for each unique patient. You will never hear us say we have done everything we can do for a patient.  We do not give up on our patients until they are completely healed!

Considerations For Alternative Cancer Treatment

Although conventional medical treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have advanced in their ability to eradicate cancer cells and tumors, these treatments are aimed only at the destruction of the tumor or malignancy. Traditional treatment often ignores and sometimes aggravates the underlying disease conditions which led to the formation of cancer. We fight cancer with specific cancer protocols.  The cause of cancer and its preconditions must be corrected or a high risk of disease progression and cancer recurrence remains.

Unfortunately, this is what is commonly experienced in the traditional medical system. For example, after receiving only conventional treatment, cancer patients often believe that they are cured because their cancer is in remission.  Then sometimes just months later there is a devastating discovery that the cancer has returned and is even more aggressive from when it first appeared. This is the moment we are treating to avoid from the very beginning of treatment at Sunridge Medical.

We start with finding the underlying cause of cancer, and apply alternative cancer treatments to help your body fight off the recurring cancer cells by boosting your immune system. Ultimately, this treatment protocol provides patients the best chance of staying cancer-free for the future.

Our Aggressive Treatment Approach

A common misconception of Alternative Cancer Treatment is that it is less aggressive than conventional oncology treatment. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE! At Sunridge, we use a full immune therapy treatment program that attacks cancer from every angle. Our approach involves restoring the body’s natural defenses and regulatory mechanisms including the restoration of the body’s immune system, detoxification pathways, and the identity of cancerous cells. Our treatment increases wellness by utilizing our cancer-fighting protocol by healing the underlying causes of cancer so patients can enjoy a prolonged, quality life!

Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer was a revolutionary study for conventional medicine that emerged a few years ago, but that wisdom was the foundation of our healing principles since our very inception. The goal of conventional medical treatment is to stop the growth and spread of tumors and malignancies. That is why surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy continue to advance in their ability to eradicate cancer cells. The problem is that traditional cancer treatment ignores the underlying cause of disease and often aggravates the primary disease conditions that first led to the formation of the cancer. The conventional medical community has been ineffective in combating the causes of cancer, which means that many people are at risk for recurrence or progression.

At Sunridge, we focus on correcting and fully treating the core source of our patient’s disease to eventually eradicate  cancer completely and permanently.

Cancer Care Strategy

The Sunridge Medical team will seek out the underlying causes of cancer and apply alternative cancer treatments to help the body fight off the recurring cancer cells by boosting the immune system. This treatment protocol provides patients with the best chance of staying cancer-free in the future.

A Message From Our Patients

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Three cancer survivors share their story of illness and tell of their journey back to wellness.

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Louie shares the story of his wife’s Stage 4 Breast Cancer now in remission with the help of Sunridge Medical.

Managing Conventional Oncology Side Effects

No doubt conventional cancer care comes with some pretty harrowing side effects that patients are told to just accept as a part of the “healing process.” At Sunridge we see no reason that suffering needs to be a daily part of healing and we support your conventional treatment with our protocols that help to overcome these setbacks and side effects.

Common Side Effects

Other Side Effects

Multi-Drug Resistance

Patients who use conventional cancer care treatments can develop resistance to chemical structures and the toxins of drugs used in cancer therapies. Simply the cells become non-responsive to the untargeted chemotherapy. Often this stage is when a conventional physician will give up on a cancer patient. At Sunridge we offer treatment for Multi-Drug Resistance that will renew the cells in your body to complete the healing process. 

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Robbie H, Mustang, Oklahoma – Robbie provides a message of hope to individuals suffering from illness urging them to try alternate methods of healing. Diagnosed with and aggressive form of breast cancer, Robbie tried chemotherapy which made her very sick and gave her horrible side effects. Feeling as if she was dying from chemotherapy, she quit and travelled to Sunridge looking for alternatives. She says that if it was not for the options at Sunridge Medical she would not be here.
“I went to Sunridge Medical for a second opinion. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 months ago and did not like the options that were presented to me by my oncologist. I wanted to avoid surgery and radiation and I did not like the idea of taking anti-hormone injections. The doctors at Sunridge listened to me and helped me find other options. My treatment plan includes some western medication and treatments to boost my immune system and decrease my toxicity levels. Surprisingly, my oncologist agreed that this was a good idea. 3 weeks into the program I am feeling great with no side effects and my PSA has dropped from 22 to 1.5.” Tony – Milan, Italy

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