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Breakthrough Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments

Holistic Therapies and Alternative Treatments

These are some of the treatments that we offer at Sunridge Medical, including naturopathic medicine, holistic medicine treatments and options for naturopathic cancer treatment. If you have any questions or would like more information about alternative medicine, holistic medicine treatments, or have questions about how we may treat specific conditions, please call and speak to our Patient Care Representatives at (800) 923-7878. They will be happy assist you in any way they can.

Anti-Aging Therapies

Anti-aging medicine refers to therapies that slow down the aging process and allow a patient to age more carefully. These may include nutritional supplements, hormones, and/or intravenous treatments. Depending on a person’s risk factors and family history, a long term plan will be created by our physicians. Patients notice and increase quality of life including more energy, better sleep, improvements in skin and many times a decrease in many of the symptoms that they suffer from.


Autohemotherapy has been widely used throughout Europe for almost 60 years. Benefits include up-regulation of the immune system, modulation of detoxification, a decrease of inflammation and an increase in oxygenation at the tissue level. Blood is taken from the arm, exposed to ozone gas and then returned to your body. At Sunridge Medical, this therapy may be included as part of a treatment plan for various conditions.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Bioidentical hormone replacement is the use of hormones that are identical to the hormones that your body makes naturally. Using only Bioidentical hormones (rather than synthetic ones) is important so that your body recognizes the hormones and is able to excrete them from the body. Otherwise, hormones can accumulate in the body and increase risk of heart disease and cancer.

Biological Detoxification

The concept of detoxing or cleansing the body of toxins and chemicals is ancient. With our world becoming increasingly more toxic, it is now more important than ever since we can become toxic simply by breathing the air and drinking the water. A body full of toxins cannot functions properly. When toxins are eliminated, common improvements that are noticed are increased energy, improved immune function, improved mental clarity and overall sense of well being, as well as improvements in digestive function.

Blood Ozone Therapy

By exposing blood to high concentration ozone gas and re-injecting this treated blood back into the body, many wonderful things can happen. Research has shown that this process can lead to the blood releasing a variety of enzymatic factors that are essentially medicine for the body. Effects include increase in immune system function, increased oxygenation of organ tissue, and release of detoxification factors from the red blood cells, as well as many more.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is a process involving a series of intravenous injections of an amino acid complex called EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) to remove heavy metals from the body. EDTA binds with mercury, copper, lead, and other metals and removes them from the blood. Chelation therapy can be used for heavy metal poisoning and for treating heart conditions such as atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is widely used around the world, especially in Europe and India. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural minerals and plant extracts and are used to stimulate healing and promote proper organ functioning. At Sunridge Medical, our physicians may use high-potency homeopathic remedies as part your treatment program.

Diagnostic Testing/ Screening

At Sunridge Medical, our physicians utilize only the most advanced and most comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and laboratory methods to ensure our patients reach their healthcare goals.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Chemicals and metals are everywhere. If detoxification pathways in the body are not functioning, chemicals and metals can accumulate in the body and can be the causes of cancers, cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity as well as many other chronic disease. Common heavy metals include lead, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel and uranium. Our physicians use advanced testing to determine the most prevelant toxins and use various natural methods to bind these toxins so they can be eliminated safely from the body.

High-dose Vitamin C Therapy

High doses of Vitamin C are infused into the blood stream. Medical research has demonstrated that this can lead to immune system enhancement, improvement in organ function, healing and even act as a detoxification agent. Our physicians use high-dose Vitamin C routinely as part of a patient’s individualized treatment program.

Hormone Replacement

Research has shown that when hormone levels are unbalanced, a patient’s health could suffer. A comprehensive hormone panel will be ordered and then an individualized hormone prescription will be made to get the hormones balanced once again. Our doctors are experts in the field of bioidentical hormones.

Hyaluronic Acid Joint Injections

Hyaluronic acid is the building block of collagen and junctions in the joint to protect the bone surface. When cartilage is worn down in the joints, symptoms such as joint pain and swelling can result. When injected into the joints, hyaluronic acid promotes the formation of cartilage and symptoms can disappear.

Intravenous Therapies

Many of the therapies offered at Sunridge Medical are given intravenously so that they bypass the digestive system and absorption is assured. Medicines that are given intravenously are also able to be given in larger amounts than would otherwise be possible when taking them orally.

Neural Therapy/Scar Therapy

The key concept in Neural Therapy is that any scar, traumatized, infected or dysfunctional tissue can create health problems elsewhere in the body. This is because it creates a blockage of the body’s electrical network. If this zone is injected with a local anesthetic, the blockage can be eliminated and the health problems are eliminated.

Nutritional Supplementation

Nutritional Supplements at Sunridge Medical are prescription only. This means that they are available to patients only if they are prescribed as part of their comprehensive treatment program. This is simply because the supplements that we offer are a lot stronger and better quality that those found in health food stores, which are more for prevention. Our physician-grade supplements are for therapeutic purposes and need to be dosed higher to get our patients to their goals.

Personalized Wellness Programs

Let our physicians create a personalized wellness program for you. Whether you are looking for ways to prevent a disease or looking for a way to better manage or treat a disease that you already have, we can help. Some patients are looking for an aggressive treatment program while others prefer to walk the path to optimum health a little slower. Either way, our physicians will show you the path to wellness.

Prolotherapy / Prolozone

Prolotherapy is a very simple natural treatment option for those suffering from symptoms of chronic pain in their joints. By injecting the injured joint, ligament or tendon with a natural substance, the body’s repair mechanism is stimulated and the damaged tissue is healed. Over the next week or two, collagen production is stimulated allowing the tendon or ligaments to heal tighter and stronger than they were before they were injured. Prolotherapy, if performed by an experienced physician, can yield amazing results reducing symptoms of chronic pain. In fact, many patients experience significant pain relief with just one treatment.

Testosterone Replacement

Although not for everyone, in many cases testosterone replacement can be very beneficial. Low testosterone levels have been associated with symptoms of menopause, andropause (male menopause), fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, and increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In many studies, testosterone has been shown to be more beneficial for depression than anti-depressants. In another study, testosterone replacement was shown to decrease the risk of death by heart attack by 30% simply by making sure that a male’s testosterone was in the upper normal range rather than being in the low normal range.

Weight Management Programs

For the most part, our physicians treat weight loss as a chronic disease. That means that getting to the root cause of the weight gain is their priority. The only way to do this is to look at each patient as a unique person and to create a personalized weight management program. This may include a diet plan, medications, injections, hormone replacement, education, counselling or even a combination of all of these. By doing it this way, the patient is ensured that when they go through all the efforts of losing the weight, they can keep it off and avoid yo-yo dieting for the rest of their life.

through all the efforts of losing the weight, they can keep it off and avoid yo-yo dieting for the rest of their life.


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