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Alternative treatments for all stages and types of cancer.

Sunridge Medical is the premiere leader in Cancer Care, oncology, and the treatment of cancer specialties with research-driven treatment options, compounding, and a specialty pharmacy onsite and ready to formulate your physician’s plan.

Click on the links below for information on specific cancers.   We treat patients that have all cancer types at Sunridge.  Even if your cancer is not listed, give us a call for more specific information. 

Bladder cancer is the most common type of urothelial carcinoma (carcinomas that arise from cells lining bodily organs or passages). They can be either malignant—accounting for 90% cases–or benign; non-cancerous. Transitional cell carcinomas account for roughly 10%, while other tumors affect 55 thousand people annually with 75% being male gender.

There are many types and stages of bladder cancer, which requires a holistic approach to your bladder cancer care. At Sunridge Medical, we use a comprehensive approach for each diagnosis, offering a breakthrough treatment for bladder cancer. Select for details on our alternative bladder cancer treatment.

Bone cancers involve primary bone tumors of osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, other sarcoma types, multiple myeloma or secondary tumors that metastasized from other organs and moved to a bone.

In natural bone cancer treatments, we take a holistic approach and work to not only treat the disease but also alleviate symptoms. In addition, patients can increase their quality of life with our interventions by addressing the cause it in order for the body to stay healthy long term. Read more details on our bone cancer treatment.

Brain cancer and tumors can have a major impact on the body; ranging from mild symptoms to life-threatening issues. A brain tumor that is non-cancerous (benign) carries risks of its own since they grow in an intricate area within the human body such as headaches, seizures, or behavioral changes. On the other hand, malignant tumors are more serious due to their ability to spread aggressively throughout areas of tissue surrounding them making treatment all too important for sufferers around the world today. Learn more about our approach to Brain Cancer.

As a pioneer in the field of alternative breast cancer treatments, Sunridge understands that not all patients respond the same to conventional and alternative treatments,  Sunridge combines cutting-edge science with a personal touch so that every patient can get the best possible care while facing this challenge. 

Alternative cervical cancer treatments for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and related cancers are now available. Sunridge Medical’s pioneering approach to the treatment of cervical cancer has delivered successful outcomes with a wide variety of cancers, proving that there are more options than just chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Sunridge Medical’s specialists emphasize the use of natural therapies whenever possible and have found alternatives that not only restore health but also provide much-needed freedom from traditional treatments. Su

Sunridge Medical provides progressive treatments for colon cancer such as immunotherapy, targeted therapies, and vitamin injections that have been known to drastically reduce pain, enhance the quality of life, and battle against recurring tumors. Sunridge Medical also offers cutting-edge techniques in renal cancer treatment.

Cancer Specialties treatment at Sunridge Medical

Esophageal cancer is relatively rare and is very deadly. In 2001, there were approximately 13,200 new cases of esophageal cancer diagnosed in the United States and nearly 13,000 deaths making esophageal cancer one of the most deadly of all cancers.

Cancers of the upper two-thirds of the esophagus usually arise from squamous cells. Cancers of the lower esophagus most often arise from columnar epithelium cells and are called adenocarcinomas. Sunridge Medical offers specialty treatments for Esophageal Cancer.

Gastric cancer also known as stomach cancer is a disease affecting many people worldwide and is considered to be the number one cause of cancer deaths throughout the world.
Like all cancers, gastric cancer is best treated when diagnosed early. Unfortunately, patients usually begin to notice symptoms once the cancer is in its advanced stages and may have already spread past the stomach. It is critical to take an aggressive approach that Sunridge Medical physicians can help you navigate.

leukemia treatment at Sunridge MedicalLeukemia is a serious form of cancer that affects the production and functioning of blood cells in bone marrow. With abnormal white blood cell growth crowding out healthy cells from producing properly, Leukemia can cause pain throughout various parts of the body for those afflicted by its disabling effects.  Sunridge Medical offers treatment specialties for Leukemia.

The incidence of liver cancer is on the rise, which has been speculated to be related to either metastasizing cancer or rising numbers of Hepatitis C patients. Of those diagnosed with colorectal cancer – approximately half will have a form that has spread throughout the body, including their livers; presenting an improved prognosis, but not ideal. With aggressive local therapies at Sunridge Medical, these patients can receive treatment and potentially even receive a cure for this life-threatening illness.

Lung_Cancer treatment at Sunridge medicalLung cancer is an incredibly varied and complex form of cancer disease, consisting of several tumor types as well as stages. Treatment needs to be tailored for each individual based on their specific type so that they are receiving optimal care – benign tumors respond differently than malignant forms do, after all. By tailoring a program specifically to the patient ensures they’re getting the most out of treatments designed just for them by the Sunridge Medical Team.

Our physicians have uncovered that, by using our specialized natural treatments for lymphoma, symptoms can be drastically minimized and even reversed! We take a comprehensive approach to health care; instead of narrowly treating cancer itself we strive to reduce any discomfort it causes, enhance the overall quality of life, and pinpoint its root cause.

Melanoma Treatment at Sunridge MedicalAt Sunridge Medical, we provide comprehensive and personalized treatment plans for skin cancer including melanoma – combining both traditional and alternative medicines to ensure our patients get the best chance of remission. Our experienced team of physicians and oncologists are dedicated to delivering optimal success rates in every case.

Ovarian cancer is often too elusive to detect in its early stages. This stealthy disease can cause a broad array of non-specific symptoms, such as abdominal pain and discomfort, constipation, backache fatigue or bloating– all common occurrences that could easily be chalked up to everyday distress. As the diagnosis may come late during an advanced stage of ovarian cancer treatment proves challenging and requires an aggressive approach we can provide you at Sunridge Medical.

Pancreatic Cancer treatment at Sunridge MedicalOur holistic approach to Pancreatic Cancer treatment is designed with success in mind. By combining conventional and alternative therapies, we can attack cancer while also restoring balance to your body’s systems – from modulating hormones, detoxifying pathways, supporting gut health, and more! With this comprehensive strategy for wellness maintenance as well, you don’t just have a chance of beating cancer: You stand an even better chance of preventing reoccurrence going forward.

Timing is of the essence when it comes to prostate cancer treatment, so don’t waste a moment in seeking medical advice. Learn about the therapeutic options available and recent advancements.  There have been enormous strides in successful treatments! Traditional regimens like surgery or radiation are still valid therapies but advanced methods including chemotherapy & hormone-blocking medications may be recommended if needed. Sunridge Medical can provide an invaluable second opinion/alternative point of view – giving you peace of mind before settling on any one option carefully tailored to the patient’s needs.

Renal Cell Carcinoma (also known as Kidney Cancer) is the most common type of malignant kidney tumor, making up the majority of cases. In adults this form is usually seen alone in one organ; however, it can affect multiple kidneys at once and rarely be found simultaneously existing with Wilm’s Tumor – a more frequent occurrence for children. Early diagnosis provides better longevity outcomes than if discovered after metastasizing outside the primary site. Sunridge Medical treats renal cell carcinoma as part of our cancer specialties.

Sarcoma treatment at Sunridge MedicalSarcomas are a group of rare and serious soft tissue cancers that can arise in various tissues throughout the body, such as bone (osteosarcoma), cartilage (chondrosaromca), or smooth muscle (leiomyosarcoma). Sarcomas also have grade-specific names – ranging from low to high grades – depending on their stage at diagnosis. Common forms include Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors, and other varieties include Ewing’s sarcoma & PN among others. Sunridge Medical offers treatment for these sarcomas as part of our Cancer Specialties treatment.

Papillary Carcinoma is the most common form of thyroid cancer in women aged 18-45. With a 90% cure rate, it spreads slowly and has less tendency to metastasize than other forms. Follicular Carcinoma accounts for around 30% of diagnoses by comparison, typically affecting older patients with an impressive long-term survival rate if caught early enough – although this type can spread outwards via veins or arteries which could lead to skin, lung or bone involvement. Medullary Thyroid Cancer; relatively rare is triggered when abnormal cells arise within the C Cells responsible for producing hormones that control our metabolism – making swift diagnosis hugely important. At Sunridge Medical, we understand how concerning and serious Anaplastic Carcinoma (also known as Giant Cell or Spindle cell cancer) can be to those affected. Our team of highly trained medical experts is dedicated to providing an integrated approach that combines research-based alternative medicines with traditional therapies for the individualized treatment plan best suited for each patient. We strive our best towards the long-term survival of thyroid cancer patients by offering options combined with comprehensive treatments plans unique to each patient’s needs.

Testicular Cancer treatment as Cancer Specialties at Sunridge MedicalPatients with testicular cancer can allow embarrassment and shock to slow their seeking care for cancer, even though Sunridge Medical offers a personalized, tailored approach to treating testicular cancer. Our physicians use both traditional and alternative medications in combination with research-based therapies for optimal success–all while taking into account the individual needs of each patient’s case. We have seen great results from our natural treatments which help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life overall. To us, it is not only about treating disease but caring holistically for every one of our patients’ well-being during this difficult time as well.

At Sunridge Medical, our team of experts is dedicated to providing individualized alternative treatment options for uterine cancer. Our plans involve traditional and alternative medicines that are tailored specifically to the needs of each patient. With early detection and proper care, this slow-growing cancer can be eliminated in up 90% cases with surgical removal alone; however 7,000 women still succumb annually as a result of endometrial cancer worldwide–which highlights just how important it is to seek comprehensive medical attention we offer at Sunridge Medical. 

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