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We know how difficult it can be when you are looking for answers about your health. If our FAQs don’t answer all your questions, call to speak with a real person who will tell you about our services, and alternative and natural treatment options.  You can reach us at  (800) 923-7878.   Our Patient Care Representatives are waiting to help you make the best decision for your health and answer your live FAQs.  For additional information visit our Cancer Financial Assistance FAQ information or our Natural Medicine Financial Assistance FAQ page.

Sunridge Medical Cancer Financial Assistance FAQ

To schedule an appointment, simply call our office at 1-800-923-7878 and speak directly with our Patient Care Team.  Ask all the questions that you have and we will set up a convenient appointment time.

Absolutely. Many of our patients are under to care of an oncologist or other healthcare provider. Our goal at Sunridge Medical is provide you the best treatment and supportive care available which can mean working together with other practitioners. We support an integrative medical approach, giving you many more health options available which ultimately results in the best treatment and supportive care possible.

You should set aside a least two hours or more for your first appointment. We believe in spending the time to get to know our patients, to thoroughly answer and discuss all questions and treatment options. For even more details visit the Become a Patient page which details your first visit.

Each patient we see has a treatment plan tailored to their own specific disease and the healing factors of treatment as related to their illness. A treatment plan may include: Blood Work Heavy Metal Toxicity Assessment Intravenous Nutritional Therapy Ozone Therapy Hormone Injections Medical Grade Supplements Diet and foods to avoid or incorporate into your eating plan As each person’s medical condition is different, so is their treatment plan. Your plan may or may not include the above-mentioned treatments. In addition, your plan may include additional holistic treatment options not stated.
Yes! Previous medical records are very revealing about a disease and treatment modalities. They offer insight for our doctors into your specific condition. Records may also save time on running additional lab work if results are comprehensive and current enough. If you don’t have physical copies, we can send you via email a “Consent to Release” Information that allows our facility to obtain a copy of the records on your behalf.

Unfortunately not, as most health insurance companies find integrative, complementary medicine and supportive care services to be elective. This is the position of many provider’s programs including Medicare and Medicaid. We do work with a third-party company: American Medical Health Alliance that specializes in assisting medical patients who receive alternative, holistic, integrative care in assisting in collecting some insurance reimbursement for care. For additional information visit our Cancer Financial Assistance FAQ or Natural Medicine Financial Assistance FAQ for more information.

Sunridge Medical Wellness Center specializes in helping patients achieve optimal health. However, we believe in the mind and body connection because science tells us that the relationship you have with your doctor along with your expectation for recovery will drive your healing. If you don’t feel Sunridge is the right choice for you then you should follow your instincts. However, if you find our approach to wellness of medically proven, natural remedies and holistic treatment in order to bring you to your optimal level of health makes sense, we are a great choice. Our physicians work with you to help you understand your body’s specific needs and to formulate a plan to address those requirements. We are proactive when it comes to health. We work to eliminate toxins that take a heavy toll on our bodies – from lethargy to high cholesterol to causing some cancers. Our goal at Sunridge Medical is to help the body heal by using safe, medically proven, natural remedies and holistic treatment in order to bring you to the optimal level of health and live your best life.
At Sunridge Medical, we understand that there is often a financial burden following a diagnosis of a serious medical condition. We allow patients to pay for treatment as they receive treatment, daily, after the treatment has been administered. You may put down a pre-paid deposit for treatment, however we don’t encourage the practice as so many patients recover more quickly than anticipated. No worries if you don’t use the funds, we will return the remainder of a deposit minus the cost of treatment received.
For your initial appointment we will work to accommodate your schedule. We do however recommend that you book an appointment at least two weeks before your desired appointment day. This also allows you time to coordinate lodging and travel plans. If you are currently receiving treatment, appointments are available as designated in your treatment plan.

Sunridge Medical is an outpatient facility. You will come into our clinic each day, or every other day depending on your treatment plan to receive treatment and then leave at the end of the day. If you do not live in the area, we work with preferred hotel partners nearby who will offer accommodations during your treatment. Please mention Sunridge Medical to receive a discounted rate. Many hotels provide shuttle service to and from our medical center. For more information on hotels and visiting the area, visit our Out of Town Patient Information Page.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about our services and treatment options please call us at (800) 923-7878.
Our Patient Care Team is waiting to help you.


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