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You can become a patient at Sunridge in just a few easy steps!  You have learned about the success of Sunridge Medical and our research-based alternative medical treatments. Our integrated medical team’s expertise in bridging conventional and alternative medicine will no doubt improve your health.  All that is left for you to contact us and get started.

We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona – home to the world’s premier medical treatment facilities.  Our advanced clinical services, on-site lab and specialty pharmacy are situated in a calm and comfortable environment to promote healing in your body.  You are ready to become a Sunridge Medical patient.

Step 1. Contact Us

You can become a patient by calling us at 800-923-7878 or complete the “Get Started” Box on the right.   Speaking directly to our Patient Care Representative will result in your appointment being scheduled quicker.  Also, we can assist in travel arrangements and walk you through the Online New Patient Intake Form we ask you to complete PRIOR to your appointment.   Submitting your health information early, allows us time to study your case and be prepared for you visit.  

If you have specific questions about our treatments or expertise, our Patient Care Representatives are ready to help.  We look forward to helping you navigate towards a healthy future!

Step 2. Your Initial Appointment

SUBMIT: Please submit your Online New Patient Intake Form prior to your appointment.  If any information has changed since you completed the form, please bring updates with you including prescription drug information.

BRING: Please bring your lab work, imaging results and other medical records pertaining to your health history, diagnosis, treatments and modalities. We believe a full understanding of your illness and discovering the underlying causes are imperative to your successful recovery.

SET-ASIDE: Please set-aside three hours for your appointment.  Your personal consultation with a Sunridge Medical physician will be extremely thorough and may take up to two hours. We will evaluate your medical history, conduct an examination, and possibly order laboratory, imaging or other diagnostic tests as necessary.  Then the doctor will guide your understanding of treatments used for your condition and provide a thorough explanation of how the science works together with your body to lead you to improved health.

FEE: The total cost for the physician’s consultation is only $250.  We honor all major credit cards and cash payments. We do not process health insurance including Medicare or Medicaid as payment.

Step 3. Your Treatment Plan

Our physician will formulate and prescribe a treatment plan based upon your unique medical condition.  You will meet with the Patient Care Team to set the schedule for your treatments.

Additional lab work, imaging or other diagnostics may be needed.  This should not concern you as our analysis and testing requirements are often more complex than traditional/conventional doctor require.  We are seeking the cause of your symptoms and disease.

It is possible your Sunridge physician may wish to review results of testing and other diagnostics prior to formulating your treatment plan.  If this is the case,  your treatment plan will be prepared as quickly as possible so scheduling and treatment can proceed.

Step 4. Treatment & Follow-Up

Treatment is available weekly, every-other-day or even daily (six-days-a-week).  The schedule is dependent on the patient’s specific protocol prescription.  Our Patient Care Team will work with out-of-town patients to accommodate their travel schedule and coordinate treatments to best meet travel needs and treatment requirements.

Regular follow-up with your Sunridge physician will be scheduled as part of the treatment plan to ensure the efficacy and optimal healing results of patient protocols.  Everyone of us at Sunridge Medical is committed to your wellness and look forward to being part of your healing journey!

Out-of-Town Patient Resources

What better place to start your healing journey than the vacation destination of Scottsdale, Arizona? With over 600 restaurants and 200 Golf Courses and every imaginable activity in between, your stay in Scottsdale isn’t just about reaching physical health – it’s re-engaging in life! From the majestic mountain views to the stunning sunsets over the desert, Scottsdale is an excellent place to hit the reset button in all areas of your life and start anew.

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