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Treating the root cause of complex multi-system illness

Complex multi system illnesses can include long-term fatigue, exhaustion, pain, cognitive issues, gastrointestinal symptoms, malaise; which can manifest in lower occupational, and social function. The clinical and biomarker diagnosis of these illnesses were previously affected by a lack of validated diagnostic criteria and laboratory tests but now there are many disease biomarkers that allow for diagnostics outside of clinical observation. Complex multi system illnesses has become its own category of disease practice.

Complex Multi System Illnesses have Alternative treatment available at Sunridge MedicalHealth conditions and complex diseases require medical treatment with alternative medicine, complementary medicine along with conventional medicine as part of a complementary and alternative medical approach. These chronic conditions are not simple to treat and require the in-depth medical expertise and experience that Sunridge Medical offers.

Multisystem diseases examples include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Candidiasis, Chronic Infections, Fibromyalgia, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Morgellons, Mold, CIRS, Primary Immune Dysfunction Syndromes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, POTS, and others are part of the multi-system illnesses we treat at Sunridge Medical.

Multi System and Multi-Symptom Illnesses are used interchangeably in the medical community. The medical model of treating one symptom at a time may have worked in the past but it does not address the cause of many complex illnesses today. Alternative treatments that address the medical care of a patient quickly by applying alternative therapies for a patient are critical. Most patients with multi system illnesses respond very well when treated holistically with naturopathic alternative therapies.

Sunridge Medical has been providing alternative therapies for almost 20 years and we understand that there is no quick fix or magic pill for complex illnesses. However, our healthcare providers use complementary medicine working with conventional medicines and alternative medicine to offer the best treatment available.

Understanding Complex Multi System Illness

It feels like no one understands or believes your symptoms or even that you’re sick…
This is how it feels for people who suffer from complex multi-system illness – swept up in a tide of misunderstanding without even being able to speak about their condition; then imagine what they go through every day. The good news? There are solutions that can help turn the tables on behalf of these vulnerable populations – including increased access to medical care providers like the doctors at Sunridge Medical, better education regarding diagnosis options available and continuing exploration of these disorders.
These illnesses can be difficult to diagnose, body wide illness that require time and patience to identify and treat. Having the right doctors and a practice that cares is critical to healing. Sunridge not only offers the most holistic treatment approach, but treatment that includes more than medication, but also lifestyle changes, supplements and other considerations important for many patients suffering from complex illness.

Complex Multi-System Illnesses We Treat:

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