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Health and Wellness OptimizationStaying healthy in today’s world of viruses, environmental toxins and pollutants can be a difficult and complicated task. The health and anti-aging industry is growing, and it seems like every day there is another product that promises if applied to the surface will make us look younger, live longer, or both; but most of these products do not work as promised. The truth is that to achieve real wellness comes from addressing what is on the inside of the body which takes real science we offer at Sunridge.

We all know that sleep is key to good health, but we seem to forget that fact when we want to watch a movie that will put us in bed after midnight. There is no doubt that eating two donuts, or a big bowl of ice cream won’t be good for us yet, it is just a little splurge that we can overlook from time to time. Even the simple matter of drinking enough water with its amazing hydrating and detoxifying powers, can elude many of us. Why is it that we want all the benefits of health and wellness but when it comes to the simplest tasks, we struggle? Truthfully this is human nature. But what does that mean?

Human Nature

Our bodies are equal parts amazing wonders and quite fragile. Our human nature fights the very idea of mortality as it was designed to do. If we focus on the vulnerability of life we can miss out on the wonder of our strength and ability to fight off disease. But our feeling of invincibility can result in neglecting the need to protect our bodies from illness and the environment. For centuries in some Asian cultures, families made regular visits to the doctor when they were well and healthy. These patients paid an annual fee to the family doctor only while in good health. If they became ill, the financial responsibility of their care was on the physician.
Of course, seeing the doctor every week, nourishing your body exactly as prescribed and maintaining a very regimented routine is a tough ask to require of most of us. Our busy schedules often keep us from cooking from scratch and instead we consume processed foods or eat out. Good habits are hard to maintain which is a part of human nature too. And just to confuse the process our bodies can make changes to keep up with alterations we make to them. As an example, someone with metabolism that burns 2,600 calories a day minimizes their caloric intake to lose weight and their body adjusts to using 2,200 calories. If old eating habits return and they begin taking in 2,600 calories again, even for a short time, they gain weight. So, does that mean there is no point to working towards wellness?

Alzheimer’s Disease has risk factors for developing issues with cognitive decline. Optimizing your body for exercise, insuring your sleep in well managed and that you follow a sleep routine plus mitigating plaque buildup in your brain and arteries with diet and supplement strategies can reduce your risk. To keep your mind sharp is to keep your body in top-physical condition. Detoxing from mind altering toxins such as lead can lead to cognitive uptake.

Working With Your Body to Achieve Health and Wellness

Your body can reach optimal health through disease prevention, metabolic balancing and supporting your inherent self-healing process. Sunridge Medical will work with you to find healing solutions to help bring forward the best brain health to prevent cognitive and memory issues. A family history of cancer doesn’t have to be your story, disease prevention is more than managing risk factors – building up the immune system is key to optimizing your resistance to illness along with removing the toxins that sneak into your system.

Heart health, preventing diabetes, weight loss and preventing metabolic disease all share common factors for health in weight management.  Sunridge has a great variety of services that can help you achieve wellness and be your partner for health.  Give us a call today! 800.923.7878

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