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Alternative Treatment with Sodium Bicarbonate to Treat Cancer

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At Sunridge Medical our physicians have been effectively utilizing Dr Simoncini’s Sodium Bicarbonate protocols in combination with other advanced medicines that we offer to aid in the fight against cancer. Sodium Bicarbonate intravenously has been shown to be a proven method to reduce systemic candida infections which have been shown to be the root cause of most cancers.

Proponents of sodium bicarbonate treatments believe that infection, specifically infection caused by Candida which is a fungus, contributes to the development of cancer. As a matter of fact, they believe cancer itself is a fungus. In their view, a tumor is nothing more than your body’s attempt at protecting itself from Candida. Dr Simoncini is an oncologist from Europe who is talking about this exciting discovery.

Dr. Simoncini Sodium Bicarbonate Video

Dr. Simoncini is a leading proponent of sodium bicarbonate usage and believes that infection with fungus is the cause of cancer. Click below to see an interview with Dr. Simoncini.

According to Dr. Simoncini, cancer is a consequence of the weakening and exhaustion of your organs, and eventually your entire body, in the following stages:

1. Candida roots itself in the deep connective tissue of various organs;

2. As a result, your body/organ tries to defend itself by encapsulating the invading fungal colonies through cellular hyper-production, which results in the formation of tumors;

3. The fungi spreads and growth continues both in your surrounding tissue and remotely (aka “metastasis”). It is always Candida attacking and infiltrating different tissues, but due to this fungus’ highly adaptive qualities, it is able to mutate and adapt itself to whatever environment it is invading which results in the various types of tumors;

4. Over time, your body and its organs is overrun and overwhelmed with Candida invasion which results in a weakened state. The body becomes less able to protect itself from the fungal infection which allows the fungi to spread and take over more rapidly;

5. Your body is completely overwhelmed and can no longer survive.

Sodium bicarbonate, a.k.a. baking soda, is the most potent anti-fungal substance there is. The problem with most anti-fungal drugs is that fungi are extremely adaptive and can adapt to new environments in three or four days; this renders most anti-fungal drugs largely ineffective. Fungi, however, are not able to adapt to baking soda.

Candida colonies, specifically, are extremely communicative with highly developed adaptation skills. Because of this, using sodium bicarbonate to rapidly change the Candida colonies’ pH from acid to alkaline quickly and effectively kills off the yeast before it has time to adapt to its new environment.

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At Sunridge Medical, our highly-trained physicians are experts in providing an integrated approach to the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. Our treatment plans are individualized and involve both traditional and alternative medicines. The physicians at Sunridge Medical have found that symptoms frequently can be improved and even reversed with our natural treatments. We take a holistic approach to patient care and strive not only treat the disease, but also alleviate symptoms, increase quality of life and, most importantly, address the underlying cause of disease.


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