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Vitamin C Cancer Treatment

Intravenous Vitamin C for alternative cancer treatment, also known as ascorbic acid, has been producing overwhelmingly positive results in human testing when used alone or in conjunction with traditional chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients. When used in high doses, between 50 and 100 grams, intravenously as opposed to orally, it has proven to have both a vastly positive results and low risk factors. In these high doses, Vitamin C functions as a pro-oxidative medicine like chemotherapy. Oral Vitamin C has shown to have moderately positive results, however, the very high concentration of Vitamin C needed in the blood to gain maximum benefit is difficult if not impossible to achieve in oral administrations due to a high kidney clearance.

The vitamin can increase the quality of life of the cancer patients. Patients in studies have reported:

  • Feelings of increased alertness
  • Elimination or decrease of pain
  • More energy
  • Better appetites
  • An increase in over-all feeling of well-being

Vitamin C Cancer Treatment has also shown in clinical trials to increase survival time and has demonstrated dramatic cancer cell killing ability.

When used in conjunction with chemotherapy, intravenous Vitamin C has been shown to:

  • Reverse cancer cell’s resistance to chemotherapy
  • Help patients overcome drug resistance
  • Enhance drug delivery
  • Increase chemotherapy’s cancer cell killing ability.

In fact, the incorporation of intravenous Vitamin C with chemotherapy can spark the patient to respond to the treatment like never before including rapid tumor shrinking. Some data even suggests that when Vitamin C is used in conjunction with chemotherapy that a smaller dose of chemotherapy may be used to the same effect as regular strength chemotherapy.

Perhaps most importantly, however, many studies have shown that intravenous Vitamin C to increase survival time of cancer patients; in the Vale of Leven study, 100 cancer patients treated with intravenous and oral Vitamin C as well as traditional cancer treatment were compared to 1,000 cancer patients who did not receive Vitamin C treatment. In this study, 90% of the group treated with vitamin C lived an average of three times longer than those who were not given this treatment. The 10% remaining could not be determined as they were still alive at the time of gathering data.

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