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A food allergy develops when the body’s immune system overreacts in a protective response to food it senses as a danger. Sensitivity or allergy to certain foods may come at any time in a patient’s lifespan. A reaction may occur from previously enjoyed food that part of a patient’s diet and never presented an issue. Most food allergies occur in babies and children. Food sensitivity is when the body experiences a very mild reaction to food. An allergic reaction to food can also be mild, moderate or very extreme; resulting in anaphylaxis.
Anaphylaxis is serious, life-threatening allergic reaction that hinders breathing and can affect blood pressure and heart rate. The symptoms of anaphylaxis may come on suddenly, and require an immediate injection of epinephrine. Lack of treatment may result in a fatality. This reaction is why some sufferers of food allergies (and allergies to other substances such as bee stings) carry an auto-injector of epinephrine.

Types of Food Allergy:

A person may be allergic to any food, but 90% of all food allergies come from the following food groups:

Common Symptoms of Food Allergies:

Alternative Treatment for Food Allergies and Food Sensitivity

Over 65 million Americans suffer from food allergy and food sensitivity. Most patients try to avoid the food or foods for which they have a reaction. Food allergies are caused by other conditions in the body. At Sunridge Medical we offer alternative treatment and complimentary alternative medicine treatment by discovering the root cause of the allergy. We will create a custom designed treatment plan to help overcome food allergies and food sensitivities.

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