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Alternative Treatment for Crohns Disease

Crohns disease, an autoimmune disorder, is characterized by chronic inflammation of the intestines. Named after the physician who described the disease in a landmark paper written in 1932, Crohn’s disease primarily causes ulcerations in the small and large intestines, but can affect the digestive system anywhere between the mouth and the anus. The condition affects men and women equally and seems to run in some families. About 20 percent of people with Crohn’s disease have a blood relative with some form of inflammatory bowel disease, most often a brother or sister and sometimes a parent or child.

How does Crohns Disease develop?

In Crohn’s disease the body’s immune system responds abnormally to its bowel contents. Composed of cells and proteins that normally protect the body from infections or other foreign invaders, a normal immune system would not respond to food, bacteria and other substances in the intestines. In patients with Crohn’s disease, the immune system reacts actively to a variety of substances and/or bacteria in the intestines, causing inflammation, bowel injury and ulcerations.

What are the symptoms of Crohn’s disease?

The symptoms of Crohn’s disease vary. The disorder usually recurs at intervals throughout life, with severe episodes lasting weeks or months before settling down to periods with mild or no symptoms. These symptoms include diarrhea that often contains blood, a bloody discharge from the anus, abdominal pain, fever, weight loss and a general feeling of malaise.

Conventional medical treatments may help relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s disease but they do not address the root of the problem. Generally, by undergoing comprehensive natural medicine testing, the reasons the body is producing antibodies against itself can be found. Some of these reasons include sensitivities or allergies to foods, inhalants and chemicals and various infections.

At Sunridge Medical, our highly-trained physicians are experts in providing an integrated approach to the treatment of cancer and chronic disease. Our treatment plans are individualized, and involve both traditional and alternative medicines.

The physicians at Sunridge Medical have found that symptoms frequently can be improved and even reversed with our natural treatments. We take a holistic approach to patient care and strive not only treat the disease, but also alleviate symptoms, increase quality of life and, most importantly, address the underlying cause of disease.

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