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Migraine Headache

A headache that is accompanied by or preceded by warnings including tingling in extremities, nausea, blind spots, light flashes and sensitivity to light and sound is a migraine headache. The pain associated with a headache is often debilitating because of its severity which may last a few hours to several days.  Approximately twelve percent of the populations suffers from migraine headaches.

Chronic migraine headaches are those the where the patient experiences symptoms for half the month for six months. Headaches are leading causes of emergency room visits, particularly among women during their reproductive years. However, men also suffer from migraine headaches.

Common Symptoms of Migraines:

Symptoms of a migraine can occur sometime before a headache, immediately before, during and after a headache. All migraines are not the same, some symptoms include:

    Moderate to severe pain head pain, usually confined to one side.

    Physical activity typically increases the pain.

    Throbbing, pulsing pain.

    Increased sensitivity to light and sound.

    Nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea.

    Sweating, chills, and sensitivity to temperature.


Common Triggers of a Migraine:

    Physical stress such as from a hard workout.

    Emotional stress, tension, or excitement.

    Allergies and allergic reactions.

    Strong smells and certain perfumes.

    Flickering or bright lights.

    Skipping meals, cleanses or fasting.

    Menstrual cycle.

    Not drinking enough water, being dehydrated.

    Drinking alcohol including red wine.

    Eating food with nitrates and other foods.

Alternative Treatment for Migraine Headaches:

Alternative treatment for migraine headaches is offered at Sunridge Medical and includes first discovering the root cause of headaches which is found and treated. We create a custom designed treatment plan to treat the whole body and not just the symptoms of migraine headaches and bring relief once and for all time.


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