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Alternative Parkinsons Disease Treatment

Sunridge Medical offers alternative medicine treatment options for patients diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease.  If you are feeling dissatisfied with your current treatment plan or feel that there must be more something more,  give our Patient Care Representative a call at 855-303-4101 or send us a message to discuss our treatment approach for Parkinson Disease.

Effective Treatment for  Parkinsons Disease

For treatment to be effective, treatment must target that cause of the disease.  This may seem like an obvious statement, but it is very uncommon in medicine to treat the cause of the problem.  Most medications attempt to fix merely the symptoms as long as you continue to take them, usually for the rest of your life or until they stop working.  This is certainly the case for most dopamine agonists for treatment of Parkinsons Disease.

At Sunridge we are not interested in treating symptoms.  Our doctors strive to treating the underlying cause of a patient’s Parkinson’s Disease.  This is the only way to have long lasting results.

In most cases of Parkinsons Disease we are able to identify the cause of the disease for our patients.  However, sometimes it is more difficult.

Parkinsons Disease 101

Parkinsons disease is a progressive disease which affects nerve cells in a part of the brain called the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia control movement and balance in the body and produce an inhibitory neurotransmitter called dopamine. In Parkinson’s disease, the cells that produce dopamine gradually die off and this alters the processing of information about movement in the brain, which is why patients with Parkinson’s typically have trouble with movement.

People usually start to have symptoms between the ages of 50 and 60, but in some people symptoms start earlier. In time, Parkinson’s affects muscles all through your body, so it can lead to problems like trouble swallowing or constipation. In the later stages of the disease, a person with Parkinson’s may have a fixed or blank expression, trouble speaking, and other problems. Some people also have a decrease in mental skills and suffer from dementia.

Parkinson’s Disease

Patients who follow our Parkinson’s treatment protocol will typically notice improvements in:

  • Fine Motor Control, Balance and Resting Tremor
  • Memory, Mood and Sleep
  • Mobility, Strength and Independence
  • Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Causes of Parkinson’s Disease

There is no single cause or single risk factor for developing Parkinson’s disease yet there is a body of research that has linked Parkinson’s disease to:

  • Exposures to environmental toxins including heavy metals and pesticides
  • Chronic Infections
  • History of Head Trauma
  • Preventing Parkinson’s

Come experience a level of patient care you never even knew existed.

A key component to the design of our successful integrative treatments is focussing on repairing the malfunctions in your body’s own internal defense mechanism so that it can do the job it was designed to do.  With a stronger, healthier immune system, our patients feel better, have more energy and greatly reduce the possibility of recurring disease.

For answers to your questions about our alternative treatments for Parkinson’s disease or to make an appointment, call us TODAY toll-free at 855-303-4101 to speak with a Patient Care Representative. Let us help you get your life back.

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