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Two and a Half years after receiving a shocking Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis, Marika came to Sunridge Medical. She was frightened and felt very abandoned, as she had declined conventional treatment, and doctors at home didn’t seem interested in helping her unless she did chemotherapy and radiation Not sure which way to turn, but certain that chemotherapy would end badly, she did everything she could to be healthy. Extremely restrictive diets, every detox, and supplement she could find… but she didn’t feel she was getting the upper hand on her cancer.

Desperate, and with no place else to turn, Marika decided that she would go to Mexico for treatment, hoping that there would be an effective, yet gentler way to regain her health. Her family was supportive as they knew her situation was getting dire, but fearful of the lack of regulation and accountability of receiving medical care in Mexico, and also for her personal safety.

Sunridge Medical Cancer Treatment and Chronic Disease Treatment

Just hours away from booking the airline ticket to Mexico, Marika found Sunridge Medical. After reading through the patient testimonials and watching the patient videos – Marika changed her plans and hopped on a plane to Scottsdale.

“Sunridge Medical saved my life. I had lost hope and trust. I knew that I was dying – I just didn’t know what to do about it, and my gut told me chemotherapy would kill me. Sunridge Medical and Dr. Franco picked up the pieces that were left of me, and helped me come up with a plan to save my life.”

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