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You Have Alternative Options For Cervical Cancer Treatment

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer, usually affecting women between age 40 to 55 in the United States. It affects the uterine cervix, which is the portion of the uterus that is attached to the top of the vagina. Since there are often no symptoms in the beginning stages, most cases are diagnosed and treated in an advanced stage when the treatment success rate is lower.

The incidence of cervical cancer has been declining in the US due to early detection by regular Pap smears. Cervical cancer treatment is available through our cancer care at Sunridge Medical.

Hear one of our cervical cancer patients tell her story and experience at Sunridge Medical.

Cervical Cancer Treatment at Sunridge MedicalCervical cancer begins as a precancerous lesion called a dysplasia. This stage is treatable usually without a hysterectomy and sometimes resolves on its own without treatment. This is not usually the case though; dysplasia progresses to cancer over many years. Once it has progressed to cancer, it usually becomes invasive and spreads quickly. We have treatment available at Sunridge Medical to help with your cancer care fight.

There are 3 Main Tpes of Cervical Cancers:

HPV and Cervical Cancer

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the most significant risk factor for cervical cancer. This is an example of where an infection is the cause of cancer and why having a healthy immune system is so important. By keeping the immune system strong, many cases of cancer can be prevented.

Other risk factors for cervical cancer include having a history of chlamydia, having multiple sexual partners, starting sexual relations at a young age, and being a smoker as tobacco by-products have been found in cervical mucus.

Cervical cancer seems to be rare in women who are not sexually active. Research has also shown that women who have had many full-term pregnancies also have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer. Women with diets low in fruits and vegetables may also be at increased risk for cervical cancer.

Treatment and staging of cervical cancer  can range from surgery to chemotherapy depending on the development of cancer, the size and shape of the tumor, the age and general health of the woman and her desire to have children in the future. Pre-invasive stages may be completely treated with excisional biopsy, cryosurgery, or laser destruction. Invasive squamous cell carcinoma therapy may include hysterectomy and radiation therapy. Do not wait to get treatment, it is important to seek treatment immediately following diagnosis.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer:

Alternative Cervical Cancer Treatment

At Sunridge Medical, our highly-trained physicians are experts in providing an integrated approach to the alternative treatment of cervical cancer. Our treatment plans are individualized, even for patients with the same type of cancer, and involve both traditional and alternative treatment medicines. We have integrated advanced, research-based alternative medicines with conventional therapies into a comprehensive, individualized treatment program that offers patients optimal success.

Our physicians have found that symptoms can frequently be improved and even reversed with our natural alternative cervical cancer treatments. We take a holistic approach to patient care and strive to not only treat the cancer, but also alleviate symptoms, increase quality of life and most importantly, address the underlying cause of the disease.
Even if standard treatments have reached their limits, patients with cervical cancer still have treatment options.

Research on Alternative Cancer

Zaman, M., Chauhan, N., Yallapu, M. et al. Curcumin Nanoformulation for Cervical Cancer Treatment. Sci Rep 6, 20051 (2016).


Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers among women worldwide. Current standards of care for cervical cancer includes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Conventional chemotherapy fails to elicit therapeutic responses and causes severe systemic toxicity. Thus, developing a natural product based, safe treatment modality would be a highly viable option. Curcumin (CUR) is a well-known natural compound, which exhibits excellent anti-cancer potential by regulating many proliferative, oncogenic and chemo-resistance associated genes/proteins. However, due to rapid degradation and poor bioavailability, its translational and clinical use has been limited. To improve these clinically relevant parameters, we report a poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) based curcumin nanoparticle formulation (Nano-CUR). This study demonstrates that in comparison to free CUR, Nano-CUR effectively inhibits cell growth, induces apoptosis and arrests the cell cycle in cervical cancer cell lines. Nano-CUR treatment modulated entities such as miRNAs, transcription factors and proteins associated with carcinogenesis. Moreover, Nano-CUR effectively reduced the tumor burden in a pre-clinical orthotopic mouse model of cervical cancer by decreasing oncogenic miRNA-21, suppressing nuclear β-catenin and abrogating expression of E6/E7 HPV oncoproteins including smoking compound benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) induced E6/E7 and IL-6 expression. These superior pre-clinical data suggest that Nano-CUR may be an effective therapeutic modality for cervical cancer.

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