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Weight Loss

Congratulations on taking your first steps to achieving a healthy weight. The following pages are dedicated to helping you understand why a healthy weight is important, what the biggest obstacle to weight loss is (hint, it’s you), and how at Sunridge Medical Wellness Centers, we can help you effectively take off the weight and keep it off.

At Sunridge Medical, each medical weight loss program is uniquely geared towards each individual. Our physicians will work with you to determine each factor that contributes to your overall weight. By determining and addressing these factors, we can create a program for you that will optimize your weight loss and lead to a healthier you.

To optimize weight loss that is both healthy and life long, our physician’s will not only assess your age, height, and weight, but also your fat composition and fat distribution, the presence of health problems, and any other risk factor that may contribute to your being overweight. What many fail to realize, but what we at Sunridge Medical Centers understand, is that underlying health problems and medical conditions are often the reasons for excess weight.

Once enrolled in our Advanced Medical Weight Loss Program, your individualized program will include:

  • Personalized, uniquely formulated program to meet your specific needs
  • A complete medical history evaluation and physical exam
  • Access to a physician who will review your progress each week to ensure optimal weight loss results
  • Access to a warm and caring staff that will provide constant support and encouragement
  • Personalized weight-loss plan as well as a personalized nutritional plan
  • Convenient access to other popular body re-shaping procedures, such as Velashape and Lipodisolve to speed up your weight loss and make sure it comes from areas that you don’t like.

In addition, your program may also include:

  • Weekly vitamin injections, including B12 and B6, to boost your body’s energy and increase your body’s metabolism
  • Lipotropic injections – a combination of 3 amino acids which are targeted towards the liver to emulsify fats easier
  • Bloodwork to identify any underlying medical problem such as a thyroid or hormone imbalance
  • EKG, BMR, BIA and RMR testing
  • Prescription medicines if necessary

At Sunridge Medical, we are more than a food plan and a scale: we are a group of caring physicians, nurses and assistants who will work with you every step of the way to ensure an optimal, healthy weight loss that lasts.

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