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Brain Fog Treatment at sunridge medicalBrain Fog or mental fatigue is represented by a series of symptoms that include memory issues, poor concentration, lack of focus, lack of mental acuity or clarity and often an inability to complete school or work assignments. Brain Fog is not in and of itself a medical condition but is the sign of other underlying disease which can be associated with hormonal issues, lupus, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders, anemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, depression, stress, migraines and chemical or food toxicities.

The doctors at Sunridge will find relief and bring healing and balance back to life. With a comprehensive approach, we will examine results from any previous diagnostic tools, order new procedures as needed and work together with the patient to heal the source of the brain fog, and bring an end to this upsetting disease. Contact us today.

Brain Fog Complexities

Brain Fog is considered a complex disorder as its cause is often so broad. Many patients have come to Sunridge when other doctors tell the there is nothing wrong with their body and it’s all in their head; but at our center we knot this cannot be further from truth. We know this is simply a cop-out from doctors who can’t find an easy answer to throw a prescription at and fix. We are relentless at discovering the origin of complex disease.
A common cause for brain fog is thyroid dysfunction. The hormone system in your body, called “thyroid,” has an important impact on neurological function and can cause mental haziness when it malfunctions or gets blocked. When thyroid dysfunction occurs, patients are often not aware of the change.
Adrenal dysfunction is also a common contributor to the root of brain fog. This can be attributed to Adrenaline and cortisol imbalances, which in combination with DHEA precursors can lead people who are having symptoms of depression or anxiety or seemingly related mental health issues. Stress hormones can be responsible for keeping patients alert during stressful situations and the stress response fails to stop when the stress ceases. The adrenals become overloaded and brain function becomes foggy.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a malfunction of the pituitary gland which regulates all your hormones. When there is a disruption in the system, brain fog identified as poor concentration does not respond to sleep, so tiredness along with other sleep issues, joint pain and stiffness; headaches, weight gain and digestive problems plague the patient.

Though the average age to go through menopause in America is 51, symptoms can vary from woman-to-woman and include anything like night sweats or weight gain. Many also report feeling forgetful or having general brain fog making concentrating difficult; this may be caused by hormone changes during perimenopause when menstrual periods stop.
Gut health can impact brain clarity and mental health. 95% of serotonin is made in the gut, so when gut microbiome is off chemicals in the brain are also off which can cause brain fog.
Brain fog can be associated with diabetes and fluctuating blood sugar levels. High and low blood sugar levels can cause cognitive issues.

Cognitive changes often characterized as brain fog can be the first symptom with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Twenty-five percent of Covid 19 survivors experience brain fog as part of their lingering symptoms. Cognitive impairment has been reported to last many months after the disease has passed.
Depression, anxiety and many other underlying conditions can cause brain fog. The Sunridge Medical team will address underlying medical issues and discover the true cause of the patient’s symptoms. Suffering from brain fog can end today when you contact our patient care representative.
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