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Share Your Story of Survival!

Have you survived a life threatening illness? If so, we want to hear from you!

Give Hope! is an ongoing initiative to gather the testimonials of others who have overcome a life-threatening illness in an effort to provide hope for those currently suffering from one.

To Give the Gift of Hope Please Respond to the Short Questionaire Below. Responses, including pictures will be posted on the Sunridge Medical Facebook Page. Thank you for Your Submissions!


We Are Looking For Survivors! If you have overcome a life-threatening illness we want to hear from You!


Our goal is to post these stories on our Facebook page and share them with others to provide hope for the many out there who are currently suffering.

Rules Of Submission

Please omit clinic names or names of doctors in your submissions.

Mention of any therapies that helped you overcome your illness are okay (ex. chemotherapy, radiation, natural, or other)

We reserve the right to change any of the submissions that contain the above mentioned restricted content, prior to posting.

Note* By submitting your story you agree to allow Sunridge Medical to post your submission on Facebook and understand that others on that page may comment or ask questions. Your responses on our Facebook page are welcome but not required.

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