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Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patient Proves Hope is Not Lost

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patient Proves Hope is Not Lost


Lung Cancer Patient Now Cancer Free After Alternative Therapies at Sunridge Medical


In December of 2012, Patricia was diagnosed with Lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove part of her lung. After finding the cancer was also in her lymph nodes, her surgery was followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Feeling sick and weak from the treatments, Patricia, a resident of Idaho, said she felt like she was dying. Her doctors were also losing faith. “We had very little hope. I had been diagnosed Stage 4, and probably 2 months to 2 years to live.” That’s when Pat and her family decided to try something else.

Their research led them to Sunridge Medical, an alternative cancer treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona that uses a combination of traditional and alternative medicine under the direction of Dr. Gioacchino Franco NMD.

Upon her arrival at Sunridge Medical, Pat’s cancer had already spread to her liver, stomach and throat. Though Pat had very little hope when she walked through the doors of Sunridge, her last alternative cancer treatment at Sunridge, proved hope was not entirely lost. Her last PET scan ordered by Dr. Franco showed no signs of cancer anywhere. Pat would like to thank everyone at Sunridge for saving her life and would like to tell others who receive a cancer diagnosis to “try to think of a better way to heal.”

Watch a video of Patricia as she describes her illness, treatments, and current health status.

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